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Police Drive: Car Simulation


Get ready to play the latest sequel of police driving games and enjoy the excitement of police driving in car. Catch and chase the criminals with the ultimate police car driving simulator and restore peace in your city. Show you exceptional driving and running skills in this spectacular police car driving 3d game. Become a heroic police man and teach all the delinquents a lesson by cleaning up the city streets with your police car driving simulator. You will also get the chance to have a furious race with the criminal’s car and destroy it in this new modern police driving games. In this newest extreme police car driving 3d game you have to chase the crooks with police driving in car. Download POLICE DRIVE: CAR SIMULATION 2016 and leave no avenue of escape for the criminals!This is an adventurous challenging game where you are playing the role of a police man. The game will start off by giving an option of police car selection for the user to select the best police car for catching the thieves. In every level, the police man will be given a definite mission, which needs to be completed before moving on to the next level. In the 1st and 4th level, our police man has to arrest a criminal and bring the arrested criminal back at the police station. In the 2nd level, we have to drive our police car towards a robbery scene and catch the thief. In the 3rd and 5th level we have to locate the position of thief’s car and destroy it. A map will be provided on the screen to navigate the police car driver on where the scene of incident is located in the city. A specific time limit will be provided in all levels in which we have to complete the missions.It’s time to hop in your police car and show the world your crazy driving skills in the finest police driving games. You’ll get the opportunity to experience extreme traffic chase action with police driving in car and the incredible police car driving simulator. So, turn on your police siren and start your duty in POLICE DRIVE: CAR SIMULATION 2016, one of the best police car driving 3d games on play store!